Intelligent sensors with built-in digital signal analysis

If you are looking for a stand-alone monitoring solution or added safety protection for your turbines, then consider the XY, XY CANopen or LMU sensor. Our M-Sensors are intelligent sensors with built-in digital signal analysis that offer advanced structural monitoring facilities. With 4 non-stop vibration guards, monitoring of ultra-low frequency vibrations and motion pattern detection, there is not much that the M-Sensors cannot do when it comes to structural vibrational monitoring.





Both the XY and LMU sensor are highly reliable for monitoring the turbine tower and drive train components. The XY CANopen sensor, however, is soley employed for the purpose of monitoring the turbine tower.  Since the sensors are self-contained digital devices built into a stainless steel housing, there is no risk of damaging the sensor when used in external applications.  The M-Sensors consist of a two-axial accelerometer, an RPM input, signal conditioning unit, computational unit (DSP), and communication interface.  All M-Sensors have an alarm relay.






The XY SensorThe LMU SensorThe XY CANopen Sensor
GJ_XY_sensorThe XY sensor is ideal for monitoring tower sway and rotor imbalance with its two axial DC-coupled accelerometers. By measuring acceleration

simultaneously in two directions (X and Y), the XY sensor is unrivalled in detecting tower sway. The XY measures within the range of +/- 18.3 g in a 0 Hz to 1,000 Hz frequency band.

GJ_LMU_SensorThe LMU sensor is a low-speed monitoring unit with built-in features to act as an overspeed safety device. The sensor is also DC-coupled. The LMU measures within the range of +/- 1.6 g in a 0 Hz to 50 Hz frequency band.


XY-CANopenThe XY CANopen sensor like the XY sensor is optimal for monitoring tower sway with its internal two-axial MEMS accelerometer. Instead of communicating via a RS485 multi-drop serial bus, the XY CANopen sensor communicates via the CANopen communication protocol. The XY CANopen sensor measures within the range of +/- 1.6 g in a 0 Hz to 50 Hz frequency band.


If you are in doubt of which M-Sensor is right for your monitoring needs, please contact sales@gramjuhl.com with a more detailed description of how you plan to use the sensor.

For more technical information regarding the XY, XY CANopen or LMU sensor, download their product descriptions.

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