TCM® Monitoring

Our TCM® Monitoring Service is unique in that our customers have full access to their turbine data: health indicators, measurements, reports, and more.  We take pride in offering you both a transparent and reliable service, where you are the first to know when there is a turbine fault.

What makes our service so transparent is the fact that we share all turbine data with you while we are monitoring your turbines.  Alongside our monitoring service, you can utilize the OPC IEC or RESTful interfaces to extract TCM® turbine data for statistical analysis or post-data processing that will in return help you to improve your turbine’s performance and result in driving down levelized costs of electricity (LCOE).Zabi_slideshow

At the end of the day, these are your wind turbines, so it’s in your best interest to know the condition of your assets.

Put your turbines in good hands . . .

  • Level III Vibration Analysts
  • Advanced post-processing techniques for determination of alarm route cause
  • Average TCM® system availability of 99.99%
  • Usage of masks, specialized alarm thresholds, which provide less risk for missing faults and bypassing uncertainties (i.e. wrong kinematics)
  • Reliable and affordable service with no lengthy contracts

Your needs, your service . . .

We offer three different monitoring service levels at Gram & Juhl, so you can choose a service that both meets your monitoring needs while also fitting into your budget. See the service levels that we offer.

Comprehensive, yet concise reports

Our reports are designed to give you a quick insight into the alarm severity and component degradation, helping you run a component to its full life without compromising the turbine’s performance and schedule for replacements accordingly.  We know how costly it can be to service your turbines, that’s why our recommended actions help you plan your service with minimal downtime.

Be involved in your  TCM® monitoring regime!

Easy-to-use TCM
® Customer Portal for instant access to your turbine status and alarm reports

The Customer Portal gives you access to important health indicators for turbine components, access to PDF reports, fault tracking, and more . . .


Learn from the experts!

If your company has intentions of one day running its own monitoring division, Gram & Juhl offers a unique solution to help you ‘’learn by doing.’’  By centralizing all of your sites onto an Enterprise server, two parties can perform monitoring of your wind farms at once.  One will have an active role, and the other will have a passive role.  The active monitoring body will be able to acknowledge alarms and have control of the monitoring setup (i.e. measurement configurations and masks), while the passive monitoring body, can perform fault handling alongside the active monitoring body, assigning faults to different risk and damage categories.   This is what we call our Passive Enterprise Solution, which will enable you to independently carry out future monitoring activities within your organization!

We strongly encourage our monitoring customers or those aspiring to perform their own monitoring, to take part in our TCM® Academy Monitoring I & II course to build your knowledge in fault handling, measurement configuration, and adjustment of masks.

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