Turbine condition monotoring

Increase Turbine Uptime with TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring)

In an industry that requires maximum uptime to generate profitability, it is easy to see how downtime can mean the difference between success and failure.

Turbulent wind conditions subject turbines to damaging structural vibration levels and peak load stresses on drivetrains, gearboxes, and generators. If left unchecked for extended time periods, it can lead to severe equipment failure. Our tcm® system allows you to predict, plan and prevent, and thereby minimize aggregate damages, and do repairs uptower.

Knowledge and experience from more than 17,000 wind turbines are embedded in our ­hardware, software, and technology. With 80% of offshore turbines equipped with tcm®, isn’t it time you found out why?

Our dedicated engineers and software developers continue to prove the quality in our products and services.  Gram & Juhl’s presence in the wind industry has not gone unnoticed.  With our representation in Denmark and Germany, and our US division in Colorado, we are strengthening our ranks in becoming a global player in the wind market.


TCM® increases productivity and profitability

Revenue and cost are directly connected to the wind farm’s performance. The Turbines have to be avaliable to generate when there is wind and all O&M activities should be planned around this avaliability. Subsequently, it is important to understand the factors affecting the turbines’ availability, and manage them effectively with minimum financial risk.

The TCM® System gives you a complete overview of the condition of turbines in all wind farm sites. It will help you increase wind turbine production by prevention of costly breakdowns. Reduce repair costs and improving cost efficiency of maintenance and services.

Five reasons to why you should install the TCM® system

  1. Make your investment in CMS count by reducing OPEX and O&M costs
  2. Predict, prevent & plan: Save time and money with scheduled repairs and avoid failures
  3. Stay ahead of your competitors by optimizing your performance and avoid turbine downtime
  4. Get complete overview of the conditions of your turbines by health indicators, and receive recommended actions
  5. Access Turbine Condition Monitoring (TCM®) knowledge through our TCM® Academy training days and user friendly TCM® Customer Portal



Turbine manufacturers and utilities alike know the importance of protecting their assets. With TCM®, we promise you proactive maintenance plan that will help you secure your wind assets well into the future. TCM® Increases productivity and profitability.


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