Gram & Juhl offers a unique set of solutions of Turbine Condition Monitoring System (TCM®). This system maximizes your wind turbines’ uptime, by early failure detection of costly components, such as gearboxes, main bearings or generators.

The Gram & Juhl TCM® Monitoring Center, monitors thousands of wind turbines around the world. With highly qualified diagnosis specialists examining vibration analysis of the wind turbines, you can rest assure that your monitoring is in good hands. Our turbine condition monitoring system, TCM®, provides you with valuable information on the condition of each of your wind turbines. The application empowers our customers to protect their assets, and plan for optimal maintenance. This information allows you, to schedule repairs and maintenance, when it suits you. Thereby helping to drive down your cost of energy. With TCM® Monitoring, you can quickly and easily identify faulted turbines, in a timely manner. Timely alerts of turbine faults is critical for a condition monitoring system. Equally important is the ability to get to the critical information that you need efficiently, so you can determine what the next steps should be.

The TCM® Monitoring system (MKII, Mi) can use masks (adapted alarm levels) and/or specifically set fault indicators (eg. frequency windows) on different type of measurements to generate alarms. Disadvantage of only using fault indicators are, that a fault can occur in between eg. set frequency windows. Masks can be set to cover wide ranges of spectra and lower risks to oversee evolving faults due to eg. wrong or missing kinematics or not trivial fault patterns. Therefore Gram & Juhl applies masks as an umbrella which will detect with a high degree of reliability deviations from good operational condition of your turbine.