Software Release 10.6

TCM® Software Release 10.6 is Available for Deployment With this release comes a better version of TCM® Ocular including improvements in the configuration tool. There are also upgrades and improvements to the TCM® M-system Mi including optimization of memory.

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The TCM® M-System Mi now also supports Modbus sensors

Now the TCM® M-System Mi supports Modbus RTU master and Modbus TCP master/slave. Modbus RTU master and Modbus TCP master/slave is configured through Ocular.

TCM® M-system Mi 8 channel memory optimization

The TCM® M-System Mi 8 memory has been optimized making 100 MB more memory available for analysis so that you can record longer data records.


TCM® M-System Mi 3G/4G modem support

The TCM® M-System Mi can be directly connected to the GSM data network. The modem will be checked every 10 minutes securing the availability and connectivity. A small icon in top of the system webpage will show how strong the signal is. Commissioning test will automatically include test of modem connectivity to network.


Support for improved Rogowski Coil

A new more physical robust Rogowski Coil has been introduced. The new item number has been added to the commissioning page, transducer column.

Disregard Low Frequencies in Alarm Processing

Improvements have been made to the TCM® M-System in the alarm on FFT’s. If you do not want to consider frequencies under (X Hz) they can now be discarded in alarm processing.

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  • Increased stability when syncing unavailable M-System
  • Support for non-English OS versions

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Supporting remote database service

Supporting remote Database Server for service isolation (one service per server) and for securing databases.

General improvements

General improvement concerning system security has been made in connection with securing communication between Enterprise nodes. Unsecured interfaces have been removed.


Bookmark are now supported for all database configurations.

License granularity in TCM® RESTful API.

Restful Alarm and Data licenses can now be bound to specific turbines instead of being globally installed. This allows for lower entry level for adopting the REST API because you only need licenses for the turbines you will work with.

Licenses can be managed via dedicated GUI in the Web interface (selected functions) or fully controlled via the TCM® Rest API.

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Updates to commissioning of TCM® Ocular

With this release comes a better version of TCM® Ocular including improvements in the configuration tool preventing you from entering invalid information.


Support for Trial Licenses

Supporting dual licenses in the TCM® Ocular. There are now two placeholders for licenses, one for trial license and one for permanent license. Trial licenses do not affect current licenses and will expire after a certain number of days.

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