Case Story: TCM® caught a cracked HS pinion tooth

An American company acquired an old windfarm and decided to retrofit the turbines with TCM® retrofit. Not long into the new installation, an alarm went off as the TCM® system detected abnormal vibration measurement that exceeded the TCM® criteria rated as critical. What the TCM® system caught was a cracked HS pinion tooth.

Thanks to TCM®, the company caught the failure at an early stage, preventing severe equipment failures and expensive repairs. The company was able to repair and replace up tower without incurring any collateral damage and before potentially damaging a very expensive gearbox.

The company believed that the cracked HS pinion tooth would have led to a catastrophic failure had it not been caught in time by the TCM® system. The HS pinion tooth could have damaged other teeth or in worst case damaged the gearbox, a failure that would have cost the company approx. USD 420,000. The HS pinion tooth damage had a repair cost of USD 36,000 and an up tower repair with no collateral damage, amounting to USD 384,000 in cost savings.

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