Case Story – Vattenfall

Vattenfall and the value of having a TCM® Enterprise Server

Vattenfall purchased the wind power project close to Maltesholm outside Kristianstad in Skåne province in September 2013. The Höge Väg wind farm was to be Vattenfall’s largest onshore wind farm in the south of Sweden, and would consists of 18 wind turbines with a total capacity of up to 38 MW.

The Spanish manufacturer Gamesa was selected to be the supplier of the wind turbines.  The construction of the wind farm started in December 2014, and the first wind turbine was delivered by Gamesa during the summer 2015.

During the project Vattenfall did a TDD,(Technical due diligence), to evaluate, among other, the capability of the factory mounted CMS. A decision was made to install the TCM® system in parallel with the factory mounted CMS to standardize the monitoring to Vattenfall’s way of using CMS in its daily operation. Vattenfall wanted to have the CMS data in-house, to be able to control the monitoring set-up and make the TCM® data available for “big data algorithms” in the future. The recommendation was to install the TCM® system in parallel with the factory mounted CMS.

This set-up would give Vattenfall full control of the measurement setup and allow them to monitor and collect data from day one even though the turbines was under full service and warranty.

Vattenfall contracted Gamesa to install the TCM® system while the turbines was under production. The installation was handled as a cooperation between Vattenfall, Gamesa and Gram&Juhl.

Having the TCM® system installed during the production of the turbines, at Gamesa’s manufacturing site were cost efficient for Vattenfall, and made it easier for Gram & Juhl to prepare the integration.

The final wind turbine was erected in October 2015 and the entire farm was taken over by Vattenfall’s operations department in spring 2016. From here on the TCM® installation have played an active role in the daily operation of the site.


The value of having a TCM® Enterprise Server is increasing with the number of sites and turbines, across manufactures and platforms. The Enterprise Server Software is adding value by allowing the customer to compare data between different sites and turbines, which makes it easier to keep an overview of a large fleet of turbines. The Enterprise Server Software makes it possible to keep an overview of things that are going wrong. It is easy to compare the development of different failure modes and prioritize the actions needed, for instance by using the Fault Handling system Furthermore the Enterprise Server makes it possible for the customer to prepare for taking over the monitoring after the end of warranty because it is possible to create your own history log of what has happened on the turbine during warranty.

The Company
Vattenfall is a leading wind power developer and operator in Europe and generates wind power in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Vattenfall’s turbine fleet primarily consists of Vestas tubines, Senvion turbines and Siemens turbines. Vattenfall’s condition monitoring system platforms includes TCM® among others. Vattenfall has its own TCM® Enterprise Server. The TCM® Enterprise Server mainly monitors Siemens turbines, both as active and passive monitoring party.

“We wanted to put ourselves in a position, where we would be able to do the monitoring of the turbines in an efficient and centralized way both before and after warranty. We saw the Enterprise Server Software as the most straight forward tool to achieve this goal.”

-Mads Kristian Pedersen, Vattenfall Wind Power in SCADA and Data analysis. Working as CMS specialist.