Diagnose faults using various interactive cursors and features

3D Plots

View data in 3D in the 3dView, Waterfall, Contour or Overlay plots.

Fault signatures

Identify faults based on the kinematics of the drivetrain.

Prevailing tendencies

Pinpoint key trends and get a quick overview of prevailing tendencies.

Trend Plot Vs. Tartan Plot

The new Tartan plot for TCM® Ocular Pro is a new visualization of trends that makes it easier to identify turbines and get an overview of the turbine trends.

Both plots shows development of indicators or specific frequency bands across multiple WTGs, but the Tartan plot views the trends from “above”, using a colour scale to visualize the trends.

Real Life Case Example

In this real life case example both of the plots shows the development of indicators for 25 WTG’s. The trend plot reveals only one main bearing fault development while the Tartan plot reveals another WTG with evolving main bearing fault.