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December 12th 2017



Gram & Juhl is proud to announce that the TCM® Monitoring Service is now certified according to the DNVGL-SE-0439:2016-06 Certification of condition monitoring.

The certification is for the Gram & Juhl TCM® Monitoring Service “Turbine Condition Monitoring (TCM®)” for monitoring.

The practical assessment of the TCM® Monitoring Service was done at the monitoring center in Oldenburg, Germany by the expert in charge. Because the procedures for monitoring are identical to the monitoring in Denmark, the assessment is valid for both locations.

The instructions and procedures of alarm handling, status reporting, data storage and expert-training for the experts at the Gram & Juhl monitoring center were examined for completeness and correctness with the following statements:

  • Appropriate instructions and procedures for the supervision, alarm handling, status reporting, data storage, expert-training and interpretation of the measured data are available.
  • After an alarm has received, the operator (owner) of the wind turbine shall be informed immediately.
  • The operator (owner) of the wind turbine has to be informed in a periodical manner about received alarm messages and the resulting measures by written status reports
  • The correspondence – at least concerning warnings, alarms and relevant changes of the CMS – between the monitoring center and the operator (owner) of the wind turbine has to be documented and archived.

– DNV GL-SE-0439:2016-06 Certification of condition monitoring.


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