Embedded Site Server

With an embedded TCM® Site Server the Site Server is integrated in the TCM® Enterprise Server. This allows for most of the functionalities with a normal TCM® Site Server but with less need for storage, and with reduced need for physical hardware, as there are no need for a physical computer on the site but instead the Embedded Site Server shares reasourses with the TCM® Enterprise.


  • No need for physical Site Servers
  • Comparable with physical TCM® Site Server
  • Same grouping of WTG’s as with a physical TCM® Site Server
  • Can be secured via TCM® Isolation Server
  • No maintenance is required
  • Quick deployment


  • Includes data Analysis with TCM® Ocular
  • Powerful diagnostic tool
  • Measurement configuration tool
  • Automated Disk Maintenance
  • Disk usage trending report
  • Traceability
  • Single page overview of installed equipment operational status
  • Alarm Handling
  • Alarm details with automatically generated trends

The embedded TCM® Site Server is very suitable for small wind farms, allowing companies to get the CMS project started on a small budget. The embedded TCM® Site Server is also a very powerfull solution for trail periods allowing companies to try out the functionalities of a TCM® Site Server before installing the physical hardware.