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December 12th 2016



Gram & Juhl is growing – now the company has a department Oldenburg

Gram & Juhl A/S started a department in North America last year, now it is time to start up in Germany. 

Gram & Juhl A/S is now opening its first German department, Gram & Juhl GmbH. The doors will open on January 9 2017 in Oldenburg’s Technology Park, and will thereby increase the availability for customers in Central Europe and Germany. The opening of the new department happens after 2 ½ successful years of growth in monitoring. The CEO therefore believes that expansion is natural, and it is no coincidence that the choice fell on Germany. 

Axel Juhl, CEO at Gram & Juhl explains, “Germany is a large market in Europe, so there is a huge market potential for our monitoring of wind turbines. We can support the wind industry with our comprehensive TCM® hardware and software portfolio, and as a global market leader, with over 17,000 installed systems, the company has specialist knowledge in this area.” We chose the location in Oldenburg’s technology park because we wanted a central and logistically good location and because Oldenburg is known for its focus on science, IT and electrical engineering.

The location of Gram & Juhl GmbH in Oldenburg support technology and innovation in Germany with its special know-how as a manufacturer and service provider of TCM® solutions. This makes Gram & Juhl GmbH for a strong system partner for the wind power industry. The establishment of the new department is the start of a new and exciting journey for the company. 

We are pursuing a strategy where we through subsidiaries in selected markets, achieve greater density with our customers. This gives us even better opportunities as a supplier of TCM®, optimizing service, minimize warranty costs for OEMs, providing utilities with security, monitoring of their wind farms, and continue to promote wind energy as a renewable energy source in the future, and it is the driving force behind all Gram & Juhl’s work, says CEO Axel Juhl. 

It is the company’s condition monitoring expert Zabihullah Alefi, who is going to lead the German division. Zabihullah, who has resident in Germany, has 10 years of experience in the field of condition monitoring specializing in wind turbine generation. Zabihullah hails from Germany but has spent the last 2 ½ years on successfully establishing Gram & Juhl’s monitoring service, now the success is going to repeat it selves in Germany

I have enjoyed my time in Denmark and it has been an exciting journey to start Gram & Juhl’s monitoring division 2.5 years ago. A high degree of reliability and customer satisfaction are the key of our success that brought us into the lucky position being able start a subsidiary in Germany – I´m looking forward for the next challenge!– Zabihullah Alefi, Condition Monitoring Expert, Gram & Juhl A/S.

With the establishment of the new department, Gram & Juhl wishes to ensure the continued growth and development and to strengthen the business in Europe. Axel Juhl does not deny that Gram & Juhl would move to more countries than Denmark, America and Germany in the future. The CEO reveal that the company has plans to expand further on the other side of the border.


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