Gram & Juhl launch new cloud-based platform

Gram & Juhl, the leader in the field of Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) for wind turbines, expand its competence considerably by adding a cloud platform to its TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) portfolio. 

The new TCM® Cloud is the next generation of TCM® solutions, bringing all the features of TCM® Enterprise into the cloud. “The time is right to move to the cloud. We have a technology solution to build a highly resilient cloud environment with the agility that the industry demands. We want to help our customers leverage the advantages of secure cloud computing, and now we can offer exactly this. With the new TCM® Cloud platform our customers can build, deploy and scale TCM® applications and services on the same infrastructure,” says Axel Juhl, VP, Digital Solutions at KK Wind Solutions. 

The TCM® Cloud offer adaptable and customised integrations for all existing TCM® customers. Moreover, the TCM® Cloud is making the business case on turbine condition monitoring even more beneficial as it saves cost on server acquisition resources and related maintenance.

Small businesses and turbine owners can execute multiple deployment models using Gram & Juhl’s existing products on the TCM® Cloud. The new TCM® Cloud platform makes it possible for small companies to build and extend their turbine monitoring programme and scale up resources on-demand with minimal upfront investment to maintain a strong bottom line.

For larger enterprises, the TCM® Cloud provides a central information platform for improved workflow and extended analytics while never compromising on data security. Collecting data and information in a centralised cloud provides a better overview of wind farms and makes it easy to extract data. The TCM® Cloud platform enables the use of Big Data management, integration, architecture set-up, customised algorithms and powerful scripting.

“We have now expanded Gram & Juhl’s previous condition monitoring concept to include a Cloud platform, which create significant added value for customers. We have created a simple and scalable platform providing you full data access and transparency on turbine health and performance,” explains Axel Juhl.

Chief Service Officer in KK Wind Solutions, Kim Wichmann-Hansen adds; ”It is great to see new digital solutions being launched, adding additional value to our customers. TCM® Cloud is a strong addition to our digital product suite as we continue to work on digital enablers and digital transformation within our Service business and see good progress in areas like Spare parts, SCADA, Cyber security solutions and TCM integration with Controls.”

A part of KK Wind Solutions
Gram & Juhl is a part of KK Wind Solutions, who is a leading electro-mechanical systems supplier for the wind industry.
Building on more than 35 years of experience in electrical systems for wind, KK Wind Solutions’ capabilities
span development of state-of-the-art technologies, high quality lean manufacturing, cost-efficient
supply chain solutions, aftermarket services and digital solutions for wind turbines.

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