Our History

The story behind Gram & Juhl

Gram & Juhl was founded in 1997 by Klaus Gram-Hansen and Axel Juhl.

They shared an interest in signal processing and soon started working on providing signal processing technology for the wind industry.

In 1997, they began working as consultants, solving complex problems in the field of signal processing in the wind industry. And by 1999, they had their first TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) system up and running in 22 turbines on the island of Lolland in Denmark.

Growing CMS demand…

Klaus and Axel had an edge in the wind industry. When they identified a need, they solved it. They were constantly pushing themselves to meet the growing demands of the OEMs who were producing different models of turbines with variable speeds.

The OEMs realized that there were many things that happened during the operations of these turbines that were completely out of their control.

That is how Gram & Juhl came to release their first ever M-System, accomplishing what the OEMs thought was impossible . . . the development of a solution using a template-based configuration, so that all turbines regardless of wattage, size, build could be monitored by TCM®.

The success…

In the years that followed the installation on Lolland, orders for TCM® came rushing in one after the other and today Gram & Juhl is one of the biggest player in the market. All Siemens turbines er are born with TCM® systems. More than 24.000 turbines worldwide has TCM® installed and more than 85% of all offshore turbines are equipped with TCM®.