Designed to last the lifetime of the turbine

The ultra-sensitive accelerometers are mounted in the most vital locations of the turbine’s drive train: the main bearing(s), the gearbox and the generator – providing vibration signals analyzed in the M-System.

Accelerometers in our product line have been designed to last the lifetime of the turbine.  The accelerometers are piezoelectric sensors with a constant current interface.  Moreover, the accelerometers are service-friendly, have fast shock recovery and offers a constant line drive, which means that they are noise-immune and therefore are well-suited for harsh environments.GJ_mand_slideshow

The GJ1200M8 & GJ1200UNF accelerometerThe GJ1210M8 accelerometerThe GJ1200M8HV accelerometer
The GJ1200M8 & GJ1200UNF accelerometer are fast shock recovery accelerometers for Turbine Condition Monitoring TCM® (coupled to M-System). The accelerometers are easy to mount and comes in two different variations, one with an integrated mounting stud, GJ1200M8, and one with a mounting hole, GJ1200UNF. The GJ1200M8 accelerometer is typically used for factory installation cavity, whereas the GJ1200UNF accelerometer is typically used for Retrofit projects

The GJ1200M8 is outfitted with a universal M12 connector and fixed M8 stud for gj1200m8easy mounting, with a frequency response measuring in the range of 0.3-16,000 Hz. For further technical details, please download the GJ1200M8 & GJ1200UNF product description.

The GJ1210M8 accelerometer is a low frequency accelerometer well-suited for large, slowly rotating bearings with a frequencygj1210m8
response measuring in the range of 0.1 to 2,500 Hz.  For further technical details, please download the GJ1210M8 product description.

The GJ1200M8HV accelerometer is an isolated sensor with a high EMI GJ1200M8HV
resistance allowing for protection against transients, preventing lightning from passing through the M-System, and thus protecting drivetrain components connected to the M-System. This accelerometer has a frequency response measuring in the range of 0.5 to 12,000 Hz.  For further technical details, please download the GJ1200M8HV product description.


Optimal Configuration

Each turbine is built differently and therefore, it is important to have the right machine model in place to ensure that your target measurements are recorded.  This can be achieved through the use of TCM® Ocular Modeler, which uses your kinematic data to guide you in the placement of your accelerometers.

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