TCM® Mobile solution

– Get a fast and easy overview of your turbines health…


The TCM® Mobile Solution is a complete solution for monitoring, diagnostics and online measurement of turbine health, including all necessary parts needed for advanced and reliable condition monitoring on all marks of WTG.
TCM® Mobile Solution makes it easy to collect the needed data to get a fast overview of the health of your turbines when and where you need it to Avoid unnecessary maintenance.


  • A lightweight, compact solution with minimal setup
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Automatic check for sensor and cable defects
  • Synchronous data recording on all channel
  • Optical RPM sensor
  • Connecting the TCM® Mobile Solution is quick and reliable.
  • Upload the recorded data to Gram &Juhl Customer Portal and buy assessment reports on demand
  • Upload data to TCM® Enterprise Server and perform own analyses.

With the TCM®  Mobile Solution only a few easy steps are needed..

1. Place the system in the turbine

2. Mount the magnetic accelerometers

3. Power up and use the built-in tablet to enter the WTG type/model and the identification-Id and complete the commissioning using predefined settings based on the WTG type and model.

4. Let the system record vibration data in the required period of time.

5. Stop recording and upload the data to Gram & Juhl Customer Portal or your own TCM® Enterprise Server for further analyses.

TCM® Mobile Solution is designed for end of warranty assessments and for CMS campaigns. It is a service for turbines owner with no TCM®/CMS installed in their wind turbines.

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