TCM® Ocular

Data mining at its finest

TCM® Ocular is our revolutionary diagnostic platform that handles large-scale TCM® installations comprised of thousands of turbines. TCM® Ocular basic is integrated into both TCM® Site Server and TCM® Enterprise Server at no additional cost.

When it comes to turbine assessment, TCM® Ocular is there from start to finish – from the setup of your turbine-sensor configuration to the assessment of alarms.

The TCM® Ocular platform has a high degree of customization in the interface, meaning that it can easily be adapted to your needs. TCM® Ocular comes in a Basic and a Pro edition. The TCM® Ocular Basic is always integrated with the TCM® server. TCM® Ocular Blueprint
is an add-on to the Ocular Pro edition and has the main functionality of automating report generation for a whole fleet of turbines in a few easy steps.

TCM® Ocular Basic gives you a visual navigation in historical data. It provides an easy and fast access to location of measurements and turbines shown in customized plots layouts.

TCM® Ocular Pro Generally adds more diagnostic capabilities and plot types. Additionally, it allows you to author your own Machine Models 

TCM® Ocular Blueprints offers a high degree of automation in reporting on the status of your turbine fleet: Blueprints for reports can be defined and shared within your organization. Blueprints can be applied to a single turbine or a whole fleet of turbines.

The Software

The software contains the following main groups of functionality, each providing useful tools for supporting daily workflow using TCM® Monitoring:

  • Ocular Diagnostic provides a data-mining and visualization platform for measured vibration data.
  • Ocular Modeller is used for modelling the drivetrain and sensor confguration.
  • Ocular Point uses the drivetrain model to provide fault signature Indicators in the plots that let you easily identify faults based on the kinematics of the drivetrain.
  • Ocular Team is used for generating reports and exchanging valuable information in a project team across an organization.
  • Ocular Confguration enables handling of thousands of turbines with a few simple operations.

TCM® Ocular Diagnostic

TCM® ocular

With TCM® Ocular Diagnostic, you have the possibility to diagnose incoming alarms. From the alarm details view in the server, you can easily load the related measurement data in Ocular and diagnose faults using various interactive cursors and features. The application is installed on your machine so you can leverage the power of hardware-accelerated 3D graphics when looking at your data. In addition, you are free to arrange the windows within Ocular to your liking for best use of your screen real estate, giving you the ability to easily compare multiple measurements from multiple wind turbines on multiple screens at the same time.


TCM® Ocular Modeller

TCM® ocular

TCM® Ocular Modeller allows the user to enter the kinematics of the drivetrain by connecting the components that comprise the drivetrain and specifying their properties. Sensors can be attached to the machine components and are used to generate fault signatures. The model is imported in the TCM® server and utilized by Ocular Point to show fault indicators in the measurements.

Your perfect sensor configuration is just a few clicks away . . .

TCM® Ocular Team

TCM® ocular

TCM® Ocular Team supports the collaborative process and communication needs of the monitoring operation. It enables you to save and share your analyses and conclusions as projects that can be managed in Ocular. Reporting is handled by exporting projects in Microsoft Word format [docx] for sharing with stakeholders and collaborators who do not have access to the Ocular software. Reports can be fully customized and workspace projects with embedded data can also be exported. Create professional condition monitoring reports with just a few clicks from the alarm event appearing –  time consuming copy and paste workflows has come to an end!

TCM® Ocular Point

TCM® ocular


TCM® Ocular Point is an integral part of the Ocular Diagnostic perspective. It is used for visualizing the drivetrain model and sensor configuration and inspecting the kinematics and other properties of the drivetrain components and sensors. The other main feature is the generation of fault signature indicators based on kinematics and current operational values. This allows for the display of e.g. gear mesh frequencies and fault signatures in the plots, which are scaled to the actual RPM.


TCM® Ocular Configuration

TCM®  Ocular Configuration is your swiss army knife for building and fine-tuning your TCM® measurement schedule. It allows for template based and hierarchical configuration which enables handling of thousands of turbines with a few simple operations


Read more about TCM® Ocular and the Pro license in our product description or contact

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