TCM® Retrofit

Extend your turbines lifetime

TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit is a cost-effective turnkey solution for your next retrofit project, with customized kits for every major wind turbine brand. Wind turbines can easily be retrofitted, to extend the turbine lifetime and increase uptime.

The TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit solution, can effectively increase the turbine’s annual energy production, and extend the turbine’s lifetime. Gram & Juhl’s extensive experience and know-how, covers a massive number of retrofit solutions around the world. Gram & Juhl can easily provide you, with a retrofit solution, that will increase the performance of your wind turbine.

The TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit solution will optimize maintenance, and minimize downtime. Using the latest state-of-the-art software and hardware innovations, the TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit solution is designed, to detect and predict impeding failure. This will ensure you low operational costs, maximum performance and avoidance of catastrophic and dangerous breakdowns.

TCM® Retrofit Kit

The TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit solution kit, features Plug-and-Play installation with minimal downtime. It is a lightweight, easily mountable condition monitoring kit. that can be customized to the individual wind turbine mark.

The TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit unit is mounted through three easy steps:

  • Mounting the accelerometer
  • Pulling the cables and connecting it to the processing unit.
  • Do the commissioning.

TCM® Monitoring

TCM® Monitoring is a service for turbine owners, with TCM® installed.

The TCM® Monitoring system uses masks to generate alarms. The masks are placed on certain frequencies allowing for monitoring within a certain window of frequencies. Working with frequency windows means that alarm will only be initiated when frequency exceeds limits in frequency band. It also means that you have to choose frequency bands and set limits. Therefore Gram & Juhl applies ADAPTED LIMIT MASK throughout the entire frequency spectrum allowing for monitoring of the entire spectrum. When Retrofitted the masks are adjusted to the individual turbine.

TCM®  Customer Portal

Through the user-friendly Customer Portal, our monitoring clients are able to login for a concise overview of the condition of their turbines. Here, users can obtain information on current turbine status, based on analysis and expert assessments. This includes events and status summaries, major component health indicators, and lists of recommended actions i.e. “Inspect high speed shaft on Turbine 2”.  The TCM® customer portal is the gateway to your turbines, with secures online access to turbine information. Through the online Customer Portal, turbine information is accessible 24/7.


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