Case Stories

- Real life case stories demonstrating the success of TCM®

All case stories are written in close collaboration between Gram & Juhl and the customer.

Siemens Gamesa turning BIG data into valuable knowledge

Feature extraction and artificial intelligence for pattern recognition to detect impeding failures on drive train components.

Ørsted and the benefits of a TCM® Test Enterprise Server

An actual example demonstrating the success of a TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) Test Enterprise Server.

The key to preventive maintenance

How TCM® enabled Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy to plan offshore turbine maintenance for the next summer season in a cost-efficient way.

Vattenfall and the value of having a TCM® Enterprise Server

Vattenfall illustrating the true value of having a TCM® Enterprise Server.

E.ON’s Success in Saving their Gearbox

Thanks to TCM®, a cracked high speed shaft was detected early and replaced before it failed, potentially damaging a very expensive gearbox.

Cashing in with TCM® Retrofit

How Meridian Energy Ltd. proved that retrofitting their turbines with TCM® before end-of-warranty was well worth the investment.