Case Stories

- Real life case stories demonstrating the success of TCM®

All case stories are written in close collaboration between Gram & Juhl and the customer.

Wind turbine condition monitoring

TCM® caught a cracked HS pinion tooth

An American company acquired an old windfarm and decided to retrofit the turbines with TCM® retrofit. Not long into the new installation, an alarm went off..

TCM & Ørsted

Ørsted and the benefits of a TCM® Test Enterprise Server

An actual example demonstrating the success of a TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) Test Enterprise Server.
TCM & Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa turning BIG data into valuable knowledge

Feature extraction and artificial intelligence for pattern recognition to detect impeding failures on drive train components.

TCM & Hyötytuuli Oy

The key to preventive maintenance

How TCM® enabled Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy to plan offshore turbine maintenance for the next summer season in a cost-efficient way.
TCM® & Vattenfall

Vattenfall and the value of having a TCM® Enterprise Server

Vattenfall illustrating the true value of having a TCM® Enterprise Server.
TCM® detects failure

E.ON’s Success in Saving their Gearbox

Thanks to TCM®, a cracked high speed shaft was detected early and replaced before it failed, potentially damaging a very expensive gearbox.
Cashing in with TCM® Retrofit

Cashing in with TCM® Retrofit

How Meridian Energy Ltd. proved that retrofitting their turbines with TCM® before end-of-warranty was well worth the investment.