RESTful Interface

Gram & Juhl offers a unique solution for seamless integration of TCM® services on your network, allowing for the improvement of quality and efficiency in daily work tasks.

The TCM® RESTful interface has been designed for use with the TCM® Enterprise Server software, which is used for efficient handling of TCM® events (i.e. alarms and system log messages) generated by TCM® systems installed in wind turbines across multiple sites


  • To utilize third-party applications in conjunction with the TCM® Enterprise server allowing for a fully integrated setup
  • Data post-processing
  • Automated large-scale infrastructure maintenance

Technical Specifications

• HTTP basic authentication
• Integrated with TCM® Enterprise User administration
• Role-based user management
• Allows for controlling access to resources per TCM® Site
• http/https
Response Format


  • REST resources are fully browsable
  • Well-documented interface (extensive online documentation and examples available on the ‘‘Help’’ page on the Enterprise server)
  • Authentication and authorization integrated within the TCM® Enterprise server
  • Extremely robust interface, which is also used by several TCM® applications
  • Secure interface that is encrypted when using https protocol on a TCM® server
  • Custom adaptation and integration of all RESTful interfaces supported by Gram & Juhl