Software Release 10.7

TCM® Software Release 10.7 is Available for Deployment With this release comes a better version of TCM® Ocular including improvements in the configuration tool. There are also upgrades and improvements to the TCM® M-system Mi including optimization of memory.

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New feature to Modbus TCP configuration: Modbus TCP Master can issue WTC (wind turbine controller) codes, meaning that the TCP Modbus Master sends out a stop code when an alarm triggers.

OV (Operation Value) Provider available on Mi: Within the TCM® M-System Mi configuration OV-Provider together with a Python script can be used to produce operational values.

Enhanced Power Management: The TCM® M-System Mi is now able to keep track of time for 40-0 days, when turned off.


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We will now provide a newer PHP version on the 2016 platform



New menu item has been added to the Site Server called “Synchronization”:

Now synchronization is available on Site Server as on Enterprise Server. The synchronisation on Site Server can show graphs related to the synchronisation showing availability, how much data is transmitted and how much data is downloaded etc. It is possible to track the flow in the synchronisation process.


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New monitoring KPI’s


New monitoring KPI’s are placed under the fault handling menu. There are 3 new categories; false positive, unassigned alarms and state changes. These are shown for all sites connected to the TCM® Enterprise Server.

Under False positive you can choose different components and damage categories. This new feature is very valuable to the monitoring department as they are able to track performance and dig deeper into possible performance issues.

New back-up opportunity with high availability while backing up: Two datasets are created, making it possible to continue the monitoring on the old enterprise server while the data are restored on the new server. Monitoring actions performed on old enterprise are also synced to the new server. We now also support Backup enterprise with a remote data base server.

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New plug-in added to TCM® Ocular Pro: The TCM® Ocular Commissioning Report Plugin allows for fast export of M-System commissioning reports for turbines connected to a TCM® Enterprise Server. It allows for bulk operations and can therefore be used to optimize the workflow related to documenting the M-System’s commissioning, configuration and operation.

The new plug-in added to TCM® Ocular Pro makes it possible to produce commissioning reports. The report has a single-page summary of operational status for the M-System. In general stop-light colours are used to state severity of issues.

The contents of the report are:

TCM® Monitoring System: States properties of the Monitoring System installed and its software version.

M-System Commissioning: In this section you will find information about the commissioning of the monitoring system. In order to remedy any deviations, access to the actual M-System both physically and via network may be required.

Monitoring Configuration: This section gives status of items related to the monitoring configuration set-up for the monitored asset. Also details about availability of measurements are stated.

Verification: Finally, a brief overview of the operational status of the monitoring system is shown.


New plugins to support hydro turbines: New plugins to support hydro turbines incl. orbit plot (raw time series), shaft centreline and extended vector plot. The extended vector plot is a machine operating plot with vectors showing bearing information. It has been particular developed for hydro turbines. It requires TCM® Python scripts in order to enable this functionality.

You now have the option to turn off tooltips in Ocular

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