Software Release 10.8

TCM® Software Release 10.8 is available for deployment. With this release comes new functionality in TCM® Ocular including new shaft centerline plot for selected trends and new fault handling functionality on TCM® Enterprise Server. There are also upgrades and improvements to the TCM® M-systems including 3 new settings for python™ scripts.

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Password management for MkI and MkII

As part of our security improvement can now manage root and service passwords for MkI and MkII.


Modbus-RTU commissioning available on MkII

It is now possible to commission a Modbus RTU. By doing this you can read serial no. on all ODM’s to see if they have connection. A commissioning report will show value fields that will inform you of the serial no. of the ODM. This means that once the values have been entered they will be stored. This is very beneficial for offshore operators as the technicians do not need to remember any numbers or have a manual with them.


Python scripting sensor functionality available for MkII.

Timeout Limit and Quotas for python™ scripts including 3 new settings:

Define a timeout so the script will execute for a certain period of time.

Put limitations on how much memory scripts are allowed to consume.

Limit the desk usage and define how many bytes the script is allowed to write to the file system.



Enhanced functionality to OVP (Python script) on TCM® M-system Mi

Operation Value Provider together with a Python™ script can be used to produce operational values. New features to contol when the OVP (Python™ script) is ran.

Reintroducing HYDAC in the TCM® Compliance Program

With Hydac in the TCM® compliance program you can couple a Metallic Contamination Sensor MCS1000 to the M-System Mark II for additional condition

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TCM® Site Server is now supported on Windows Server 2019

Configuration deployment has now been optimized to only deploy relevant information to TCM® M-systems on a need to know basis to strengthen data integrity and security.


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New fault handling functionality on TCM® Enterprise Server

New fault handling functionality on TCM® Enterprise Server. It is now possible to do multi assignments of alarms.

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New plot in TCM® Ocular

New shaft centerline plot for selected trends and a new option to close plots right.


New “Save Project” Functionality in TCM® Ocular

It is now possible to save a report, open it and refresh the data simply by clicking the “Reload plots from server” button. This means that you can open projects and refresh data, and if you have a trend you can see how it develops.


Improvement of commissioning reports. 

In release 10.6 the new commissioning report plug-in was introduced. A plug-in that makes it possible to produce single-page summary commissioning reports of operational status for the M-System. It optimizes the workflow related to documenting the M-System’s commissioning, configuration and operation. Now you have the possibility to export the commissioning reports directly in pdf


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