Software Release 10.9

TCM® Software Release 10.8 is available for deployment. With this release comes new functionality in TCM® Ocular including a redesign of TCM®  Ocular Point with a new match algorithm. There are also upgrades and improvements to the TCM® M-systems, the TCM®  Enterprise Server and TCM® Site Server.

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Limitations to PythonTM Scripts

You can now set up limitations for Python scripts, so that there is a limitation to how much CPU, disk space and memory the python scripts can use.


Modbus-RTU commissioning available on MkII

It is now possible to commission a Modbus RTU. By doing this you can read serial no. on all ODM’s to see if they have connection. A commissioning report will show value fields that will inform you of the serial no. of the ODM. This means that once the values have been entered they will be stored. This is very beneficial for offshore operators as the technicians do not need to remember any numbers or have a manual with them.


Security enhancement

It is now possible to change password on all M systems, thereby increasing security.

PolyTech LKDS is now a member of the TCM® 3rd Party Compliance program providing lightning measurement sensors:

PolyTech’s Lightning Key Data® System (LKDS), is now a member of the TCM® 3rd party compliance program, enabling you to integrate lightning measurements into the TCM® M-system

PolyTech’s Lightning Key Data® System (LKDS), is a measurement system that records key data such as the exact time, peak current, specific energy and charge transfer of the strike. The LKDS will be connected to the TCM® system via the M-System. The data collection from PolyTech’s LKDS will be processed and evaluated by the TCM® system.

The Lightning Key Data System provides remote access to valuable information about the impact of an individual lightning strike on the turbine affected. Knowing the exact time of the strike, the current value, the specific energy, the charge and the pulse transition time puts you in a position to make correct decisions quickly.

The Lightning Key Data System logs the lightning strike for 1.5 seconds on each of the three blades. This ensures that the entire lightning incident is measured, allowing accurate calculation of the four key parameters.

The TCM® Compliance Product Certification Program is accredited by Gram & Juhl, and contributes to our goal of offering our clients an all-encompassing condition monitoring solution. Gram & Juhl’s Third-Party Compliance Program is designed as a cooperation between Gram & Juhl and third-part manufactures offering complementary products and solutions.

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Push/Sync: Synchronization architecture: It is now possible to monitor sites through manual file transfers and block all internet communication to a site.


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Masks and alarms on externally injected measurements 


It is now possible to inject all kind of data into the TCM® Enterprise and the TCM® system will create alarms and masks based of the injected data. With these injected measurements you can now make calculations based on existing data e.g. oil samples. This is also possible in passive mode.

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New plot in TCM® Ocular

TCM® Ocular Point has been redesigned in the way it works and in the way it is integrated into TCM® Ocular.

A new match algorithm has been created in TCM® Ocular Point, the algorithm calculates the match % and the BPFO and BPFI (inner and outer ring). Gear frequencies can represent up to 90% of the signals value, which is why it is important to match the gear frequencies to be able to cleanse for them.

The user interface and usability has been optimized, including revised numbers for harmonics, providing more suitable numbers.

The new arrow keys identifies possible component failure matches,  and fundamental measurements are adapted to the match column.

The improved new functionality also makes it possible to specify bearing frequency tolerances. When lowering the tolerances, the % Match changes, narrowing down the failure possibilities.

The new  % Cursor Match  also known as the “what is this” functionality enables you to click on the peaks that you want to dig deeper into.

Here you can use the new Peak Tracker functionality. The new Peak Tracker is a small green circle that follows the cursor/tracker, continuously updating and uploading the data. (All the data you see in the window are connected to the Peak Tracker.)

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A new and very important feature in the Customer Portal is the TCM® Monthly Report that shows the HI trend.

Update of windows products so that they support the latest releases. We therefore now support Microsoft Server 2019 and MSSQL 2017

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