Software Updates

New features & developments within TCM®

Our software engineers are working round the clock to provide you with the latest advances in TCM®.  Our goal is to deliver you software and hardware that consistently enhances your fault finding and fault handling capabilities.  We are constantly working on improving our TCM® Solutions.


The latest release is:

Release version 10.7

TCM® Hardware

Enhanced Power Management, meaning that the TCM® M-System Mi is now able to keep track of time for 40-0 days, when turned off.

TCM® Site Server

The new synchronisation on Site Server can show graphs related to the synchronisation showing availability.

TCM® Enterprise

New monitoring KPI’s  under the fault handling menu with 3 new categories; false positive, unassigned alarms and state changes.

TCM® Ocular

New Commissioning Report Plugin allows for fast export of M-System commissioning reports for turbines connected to a TCM® Enterprise Server.

With an annual TCM® Software Update & Service Agreement, you receive quarterly software releases at your request.  We offer both a TCM® Site Software Update & Service Agreement and a TCM® Enterprise Software Update & Service Agreement.

If you currently do not have a Software Update & Service Agreement for either TCM® Site Server or TCM® Enterprise Server, please contact our Sales Department, and we will be happy to assist you.