There’s no time like the present!

Our software engineers are working round the clock to provide you with the latest advances in TCM® software.  Our goal is to deliver you software that consistently enhances your fault finding and fault handling capabilities.  We are constantly working on improving the TCM® systems capabilities to inform you of wear, impeding failures and estimated remaining useful lifetime on the drivetrain components in the nacelle. By using algorithms based on pre-historical data, we will be able to tell you when a part has to be replaced, helping you react in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Additionally, we strive to make our software more user-friendly by adding features that make monitoring your turbines a cinch.

TCM® Software Updates

The latest version is version 10.6. Some of the main updates in this release includes; new updates to the TCM® M-system Mi, updates to commissioning of TCM® Ocular and License granularity in TCM® RESTful API.

You can still read about the features from our previous release, version 10.3 here.

With an annual TCM® Software Update & Service Agreement, you receive quarterly software releases at your request.  We offer both a TCM® Site Software Update & Service Agreement and a TCM® Enterprise Software Update & Service Agreement.  As an added bonus, new Enterprise installations receive the first year of software updates for free.  If you currently do not have a Software Update & Service Agreement for either TCM® Site Server or TCM® Enterprise Server, please contact our Sales Department, and we will be happy to assist you.

siteserver_computer                                    enterprise_computer                                           ocular_computer
               TCM® Site Server                             TCM® Enterprise Server                                    TCM® Ocular