TCM® Accelerometers

TCM® Accelerometers - Designed to Last a Lifetime

The ultra-sensitive accelerometers are mounted in the most vital locations of the turbine’s drive train: the main bearing(s), the gearbox and the generator

– providing vibration signals analyzed in the TCM® M-System.

The accelerometers are piezoelectric sensors with a constant current interface. They have fast shock recovery and offers a constant line drive, which means that they are noise-immune and therefore are well-suited for harsh environments.

vibration sensor for wind turbine monitoring

The GJ1200M8 & GJ1200UNF accelerometer are fast shock recovery accelerometers. The accelerometers are easy to mount and comes in two different variations, one with an integrated mounting stud, GJ1200M8, and one with a mounting hole, GJ1200UNF. The GJ1200M8 accelerometer is typically used for factory installation cavity, whereas the GJ1200UNF accelerometer is typically used for retrofit projects

The GJ1200M8 is outfitted with a universal M12 connector and fixed M8 stud for easy mounting, with a frequency response measuring in the range of 0.3-16,000 Hz

wind turbine vibration analysis

The GJ1210M8 accelerometer is a low frequency accelerometer well-suited for large, slowly rotating bearings with a frequency response measuring in the range of 0.1 to 2,500 Hz.

Vibration sensor for turbine monitoring

The GJ1200M8HV accelerometer is an isolated sensor with a high EMI resistance allowing for protection against transients, preventing lightning from passing through the M-System, and thus protecting drivetrain components connected to the M-System. This accelerometer has a frequency response measuring in the range of 0.5 to 12,000 Hz.