TCM® Cloud

TCM® Cloud combines powerful monitoring with on-demand flexibility.


Simplify and automate your operations with centralized fleet management.


Pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis and avoid investing in infrastructure.


Unparalleled ability to scale up and down thanks to flexible deployment options.

Fast on-boarding

Get on board fast with minimal investment setup.

A variety of advantages.

TCM® Cloud is the next generation of TCM®, offering a simple cloud-based platform to automate your operations and increase efficiency with a centralized fleet overview and fault handling system. Creating synergies using a single platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing while lowering your operating cost with the on-demand ability to scale resources and services.

Build, deploy, and scale your TCM® applications

One platform for everything

Simplify and automate your operations with centralized fleet management, comprising features from TCM® Enterprise and TCM® Ocular Pro in a single platform.

Cost saver

Pay-as-you-go with no hidden expenses and save cost on acquiring server infrastructure and related maintenance costs.

Greater scalability

Adaptable solutions and customized interfaces with on-demand flexibility. Scale up and down easily as your needs change and adjust storage or additional services.

Big Data

Use TCM® Cloud as a Big data platform for data importation, synchronization and integrate with SCADA data, ERP systems and other Big Data projects.

Anytime, anywhere access

Access turbine data and cloud services anytime, from anywhere. Create synergies using a cloud-based platform for cooperation and cross-comparison.

Keeps your data secure

Keep your data protected with the best security standards and procedures. Configurable user management makes it easy to determine the level of access.

Connect with TCM® Cloud

Connect your TCM® installation to the TCM® Cloud Platform and you are ready to visualize and track the condition of your assets.

TCM® provides valuable information on the condition of each of your wind turbine, empowering you to protect your assets and plan for optimal maintenance and thereby driving down the cost of energy.