TCM® Enterprise

Create synergies with powerful data interface integration

TCM® Enterprise Server is a platform for large-scale TCM® installations capable of monitoring thousands of turbines, offering condition monitoring on a global scale. Collecting data and information in a centralized server provides a better overview of windfarms, and makes it easier to extract data.


Increase efficiency with centralized fleet overview and fault handling.


A platform for cooperation, knowledge sharing and cross comparison


Integrate with Scada, ERP systems and Big data projects


Do shadow monitoring and prepare for end of warranty

Vattenfall and the value of having a TCM® Enterprise Server

“We wanted to put ourselves in a position, where we would be able to do the monitoring of the turbines in an efficient and centralized way both before and after warranty. We saw the Enterprise Server Software as the most straight forward tool to achieve this goal.”

-Mads Kristian Pedersen, Vattenfall Wind Power in SCADA and Data analysis. Working as CMS specialist.

Turbine Condition Monitoring Enterprise Solution

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