TCM® Isolation Server

The TCM® Isolation Server is a software application useful for hardening security related to the TCM® infrastructure.

Interfaces for secured communication

It allows for complete isolation between TCM® Servers and TCM® in a multi-domain setup. Preventing connections from the outside to connect with the servers, as all traffic has to go through the TCM® Isolation Server.

  • Well-documented interface
  • Authentication and authorization integrated with Active
  • Enables communication in loosely coupled domains (simple file
  • Facilitates scanning and review of all communication with TCM®
  • RESTful interfaces with well-defined HTTP. Verbs: GET, PUT, PATCH,
    POST OPTIONS, DELETE operations are supported
  • Supports partial downloads (byte ranges)
  • Payload in simple JSON data format
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Role-based account management
  • Filtering function that makes it possible
    to restrict access