TCM® M-Sensors

TCM® M-Sensors
Intelligent Sensors with Built-in Digital Signal Analysis

If you are looking for a stand-alone monitoring solution or added safety protection for your turbines, then consider the XY1.6g, XY18g, or XY CANopen TCM® M-Sensor.

XY CANopen sensor

The XY CANopen sensor like the XY sensor is optimal for monitoring tower sway with its internal two-axial MEMS accelerometer. Instead of communicating via a RS485 multi-drop serial bus, the XY CANopen sensor communicates via the CANopen communication protocol. The XY CANopen sensor measures within the range of +/- 1.6 g in a 0 Hz to 50 Hz frequency band.

XY 18g sensor

The XY 18g sensor is ideal for monitoring tower sway and rotor imbalance with its two axial DC-coupled accelerometers. By measuring acceleration simultaneously in two directions (X and Y), the XY sensor is unrivaled in detecting tower sway. The XY 18g measures within the range of +/- 18.3 g in a 0 Hz to 1,000 Hz frequency band.

XY 1.6g sensor

The XY 1.6g sensor is a low-speed monitoring unit with built-in features to act as an overspeed safety device. The sensor is also DC-coupled. The XY 1.6g measures within the range of +/- 1.6 g in a 0 Hz to 50 Hz frequency band.