TCM® M-System Mark II

Wind turbine condition monitoring unit

Your Intelligent Online Turbine Condition Monitoring Unit

The M-System Mark II is the TCM® solution’s versatile data acquisition and analyzing unit. The M-System has been designed especially for wind turbines, allowing for online alarm evaluation, online data merging and binning, and the added feature of measurement tracking. e.g. re-sampled according to RPM.

Protect your Assets

The TCM® M-system Mark II is a reliable and powerful data acquisition and analyzing unit for high performance diagnostic.

  • Dimensions: L315 x W242 x H104mm
  • Up to 24 fully synchronous channels for continuous data acquisition
  • Functions entirely autonomously and is remotely operated
  • Real-time online analysis and evaluation of the alarms
  • Highly configurable and customizable: Optional input modules for
    strain, temperature, voltage, current
  • Extensive self-monitoring features and documented system
    availability better than 99.99%
  • Processes up to 275 GB of data on a daily basis,
  • Unique ability to analyze and compress data, only 4-6 MB of data is managed by the operator on a daily basis.
  • All signals can be tracked e.g. re-sampled according to RPM
  • Averaging can be configured on any measurement
  • Real-time analysis and evaluation of the alarms
  • Measurement analysis can be linked i.e. output from one
    measurement can be the input for the next measurement, etc.
  • Supports python scripting