TCM® M-system Mi

A compact, lightweight, easily mountable data processing unit perfect for your Retrofit Projects

The TCM® M-System Mi can measure a range of parameters incl. vibration, voltage and RPM. All measurements are synchronously recorded within the Mi and sent to a local server, notifying you of alarms and allowing you to perform data mining.

Protect your Assets

The TCM® M-system Mi is a reliable and powerful data acquisition and analyzing unit that boasts a number of features not found by similar systems.

  • Dimensions: L145.6 x W147 x H66.5mm
  • Up to 18 synchronous channels software configurable
  • Remotely operated
  • Online alarm evaluation and data merging and binning (sorting)
  • Extensive self-monitoring features including documented
    system availability
  • Mounts directly to wall or DIN rail
  • Customized processing via Python scripts (requires license)
  • Easy access to flash storage (industrial microSD)
  • No mechanical wear parts