TCM® Mobile

The TCM® Mobile Solution is a compact portable solution

The TCM® Mobile includes all necessary parts needed for advanced and reliable condition monitoring on all kinds of WTG. The TCM® Mobile Solution makes it easy to collect the needed data to get a fast overview of the health of your turbines when and where you need it to avoid unnecessary maintenance.

With the TCM® Mobile Solution only a few easy steps are needed:


Place the system in the turbine and mount the accelerometers.


Complete the commissioning using predefined settings on the built-in tablet.


Let the system record vibration data in the required period of time.


Upload the recorded data to the TCM® Customer Portal for further analyses.

TCM® Mobile Assessment report

The TCM®  Mobile Assessment report states a health indicator HI, a description of the detected fault, and recommended actions to be taken. It also includes a time for reaction, letting you know how far you can stretch before taking action, and maybe combine the action on one turbine with action on another turbine, saving repair costs in the process.

CMS report

Perfect for all turbine marks

The TCM® Mobile Solution is designed for end of warranty assessments and for CMS campaigns. It is a service for turbines owner with no TCM®/ CMS installed in their wind turbines.



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