TCM® Monitoring

Predicting the future and get a complete overview of your turbines

With TCM® Monitoring you get a transparent & reliable monitoring

The TCM® Monitoring solution is a reliable condition monitoring solution, enabling you to be proactive in your maintenance strategy. Identify potential failures in a timely manner and save time and money with scheduled repairs and avoid failures.



Our Monitoring experts can predict failures up to 6 months in advance indicated by a Health Indicator (HI)


By detecting evolving damages in structural or rotating parts in an early state, you can prevent severe equipment failures and expensive repairs.


Knowing when to take action, you can schedule repairs and plan for optimal maintenance, driving down the O&M cost.

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

Be involved in your Monitoring regime

The TCM® customer portal is your gateway to secure online access to turbine information 24/7.

With TCM® Monitoring you get the information you need and more...


Designed to give a quick insight into component condition.

E-mail Alerts

We share all turbine data with you while we are monitoring.


Receive recommended actions and prognoses for time horizon.

Software Update

Our monitoring service  includes TCM® software updates.

Our TCM®Monitoring Service is certified by the DNV GL Certification of Condition Monitoring. The TCM® Monitoring Service complies with the requirements listed in the DNVGL-SE-0439

Your needs, Our service…

We offer three different monitoring service levels at Gram & Juhl, so you can choose a service that both meets your monitoring needs while also fitting into your budget.

Contact us today and see what we can do for your condition monitoring strategy