TCM® Software Release 10.1

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  • For the TCM® M-System MkII there is within this release a security update. It is now possible to encrypt communication between M-System and Site Server so that it will not be possible for external parties to eavesdrop on this communication. It is in fact possible to run encrypted communication all the way through Enterprise Server, Site Server and M-System. All platforms are now ready to make it happen!


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  • A more secure and stable Site Server communication has been developed in connection to the ECN send out on the 4th of September 2017 including improved IT security supporting secured (authenticated and encrypted) M-System communication. The Site Server has been cleaned up and re-worked. Improvements have been made to the resource management tools. These new improvements make it possible to move around and restore server resources as it will happen during a normal turbine life cycle (20 years).Data Export is now replaced by an Ocular plugin.
  • JUMPHOSTThe TCM® Jump Host server has a filtering function that makes it possible to restrict access to TCM® Site Server resources by blocking requests. The TCM® Jump-Host Filter only affects the request façade.

    Filtering function:

    • Blocking requests of specific account
    • Blocking or modifying requests related to specific turbine
    • Restricting access to a resource by date


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  • The new RESTful API resource Measurement Collection allows for inserting external 3rd party data measurements into the TCM® data model.


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  • The Integral 3 stage gear model has undertaken further review and is now …..(picture of gear model)
  • The Blueprint scaling has been improved with regards to auto scale. Also there is now an option for automatic release of license meaning that the license automatically becomes free when Ocular is closed down.


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