TCM® Software Release 9.2.3

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  • DFIG generator has an operational value with two new comma separated lists i.e. calibration ordinate list and abscissa list (RPM). For more information please contact

Site Server

  • The Site Server is now able to push data to a Jump Host in a secure zone. The Site Server require a Jump Host connection license to use this secure architecture. The new release also provides a safety update of the Zend framework to version 1.12.20 on TCM® Site Server and thereby closing a number of security issues and making our system more secure. We now have further possibility to update PHP versions on the TCM® Site Server 2012 platform to version 5.6.26, on already installed server, making the Site Server less vulnerable. For more information please contact

Enterprise Server

  • With this new release 9.2.3 comes a Secure LDAP server interface for Enterprise Login (username + password) to authenticate and give back-end security. We now support secure LDAP authentication on Enterprise, meaning that the username and password will be encrypted when send over the network. This makes it more secure to log on to TCM® Enterprise. The new release also provides a safety update of the Zend framework to version 1.12.20 on TCM® Enterprise making our system more secure. The RESTful synchronization method between TCM®.  Enterprise and TCM® Site Server that was launched in release 9.1.1 has now been optimized to give a better performance.
  • The optimization includes
    • RESTful Sync now available for everyone.
    • Replication log file management: Log files for sites running in Rest Sync mode
      are now compressed when older than 6 months
    • Status for sites running in Rest Sync mode cannow be presented graphically
    • Rest sync now updates availability data for M-System continuously (not just
      once per week)
    • Rest sync : now implements timeout on stale tasks
    • Rest sync : Better default for communication time-out on (1800 seconds)
    • Rest sync : Discard detection of transient state changes (similar to detection of
      state changes for passive or stopped sites)

    For more information please contact


  • No new releases for Ocular. There have been made adjustments and corrections from last release 9.1.1 but there are not any major changes or updates. Therefore the Ocular release is called 9.1.3.

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