TCM® Software Release 9.3.3

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  • There have been made an upgrade to the OS  and there are now two new OS versions – Mark II with version 1.3.17 that supports the new EXT board, and Mi with version 1.0.6 that has made some upgrades to the functionalities, upgrading the hardware clock among others. It is now possible to record twice as much as before with the new board for MKII with 2 gigabits as default. All new-produced Mi’s have the new OS version 1.0.6 installed. Mi Linux 1.0.6. For more information please contact

Site Server

  • Change Logging for Configuration Changes. For more information please contact

Enterprise Server

  • Windows Server 2012 is now supported as Enterprise webserver OS platform in addition to RHEL. This is very useful with MSSQL backend as it makes it possible to save a server.
  • TCM® Jump Host
    • The TCM® Jump Host is a software application useful for hardening security related to the TCM® infrastructure. It allows for complete isolation between TCM® Enterprise Servers and TCM® Site Servers in a multi-domain setup.The TCM® Jump Host secures your site server, it prevents connections from the outside to connect with the site server as all traffic has to go through the Jump Host. All messages transported via the TCM® Jump Host Zone are JSON (clear text) documents. These documents are stored in a straightforward folder structure in the file system of the TCM® Jump Host.The TCM® Jump Host provides interfaces for secured communication between TCM Enterprise Servers and TCM® Site Servers in a setup where more TCM® Enterprise Servers (typically two: Active and Passive) must access a number of TCM® Site Servers. The communication between servers is sub-divided into two categories: Control (operations that involve a change on the TCM® Site Server) and Request (operations that are simple read of information).Please notice that a license must be installed on the TCM® Site Server in order to enable this functionality. Contact Gram & Juhl for further details.
    • There are new functionalities in regards to handling System Log events and M-sys valid communication and details about the events, health indicators and synchronization to the customer portal.Optional enforce dual custody on configuration changes – Change for TCM® configuration change: When new sites are added, the change log will show who changed what and when. With new configurations, it is possible to see who made the change, and  who approved.

    For more information please contact


  • There are updates to the Ocular Log in the user interface.
  • A major upgrade within Ocular is that user now have the option to annotate frequency axis in CPM and Orders. Order annotation can be relative to any shaft in the Machine Model. This annotation applies to line plots, overlaid plots, 3D view, Waterfall and contour map. This requires no license, the button for the X-axis annotation is always available even in Ocular Basic.  For more information please contact

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