TCM® Software Release 9.4.2

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  • RPM source reliable for tracking:Implemented hold-off on RPM inputs for handling noisy tacho signals. Both relative and absolute hold-off applies


  • Operational values from Python Script:Now you can not only upload Python as a script, but also add operational values, as you can form the sum of power signals from two different sources – or simply make a custom calculation (linear or non-linear transform of an already measured value). In addition to the parameter we have, we will have the parameter from the Python sum as well, meaning that you can use Python parameters for binning.


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  • LDAP:LDAP(S) can be used as a back-end for authentication and authorization. LDAP(S) can be used as a back-end for authentication and authorization. It provides a better administration of users e.g. by using a regular Windows login in ROM.


  • Renaming turbines:It is now possible to rename the turbines, giving them different display names within the user interface. It is possible to name the turbines anything you want from serial numbers to Chinese names. This gives a great flexibility in the user interface. The display names will be replicated seamlessly to the connected Enterprise Servers, streamlining the information, and making it easier to talk to colleges on different levels. Site names cannot be changed on site level.


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  • Renaming turbines: It is possible to change display names on the Enterprise Server by sending the configuration to the Site server that will replicate it back to the Enterprise Server, please note that this is not by default.


  • TCM® Jump Host: All communication between Enterprise Server and Gram & Juhl Server will be done through Jump Host , thereby insuring a superior protection of information (jump host protects ES from unwanted access) .


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  • There are no major upgrades to TCM® Ocular within the TCM® Software release 9.4.2 


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