TCM® Software Release 9.5

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  • New and improved sensor type for Modbus: Modbus-RTU master. A new sensor type supporting the Modbus-RTU communication protocol querying multiple slaves is now available as part of the TCM® configuration. Each Modbus-RTU measurement can be configured by applying slave ID and register information associated with a valid data type. Three different types of measurements can be chosen for monitoring i.e. scalar values, operational values as well as counters which comes in two variants – total or interval counters. A Modbus-RTU Master license is required for the acquisition of measurements; The license can be commissioned on the M-Systems commissioning page. The license is limited to one Modbus-RTU-Master. For diagnostic purposes it is possible on the M-system web page to verify a valid Modbus-RTU communication link for multiple slaves even without a TCM® configuration.


  • OV-Provider sensor. A new sensor for generating Operation Values, based on custom python scripts. The python script is installed and distributed to the M-Systems through the TCM® configuration. The purpose of this sensor is to enable M-System to query Operational Value data from e.g. a turbine controller using protocols implemented in the python script. This allows new protocols (e.g. specific to new turbine controllers) to be implemented without changes to the M-System software.


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  • Windows 2012 Security update: PHP version 5.6.30 and Ioncube loader 6.0.9


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  • A Secure REST Syncronization Protocol is now available, supporting secured infra structures via HTTPS. The RESTful measurement interface now supports pagination to allow for really big result sets being queried


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  • The main upgrade within TCM® Ocular is the management of licenses for TCM® Ocular Pro and TCM® Blueprint. When you connect to a TCM® server, Ocular will automatically try to pull a license and you can actually see if you pulled a license from the server. You also have the ability to see who has which licenses. Once a license has been assigned to a user, it stays with that user. However the user can log-on to Ocular and release the license so that another user can use it. The license is in this way tied to the username.


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