TCM® Software Release 9.6

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  • Synchronous binning: A new function to the TCM® M-system is the Synchronous binning configuration setting that improves synchronism between measurements in binning process by allowing for aligning ”Condition Averaging Time” between measurements.


  • Safe shutdown: A new update makes it possible to remotely shutting down the M-system without taking out the power. Monitoring will not be running when in safe shutdown mode however it is possible to set a given expiration time for the shutdown mode (min. 2 minutes), after exiting the safe shutdown mode the M-system reboots.


  • ISO-RMS mode: It is now possible to set the M-system into ISO-RMS mode on the front page of the M-system web page, to facilitate production testing. After 24 hours the run state expires and the M-System enters into the default run state

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  • Security updates: PHP package updated to version 5.6.23


  • Support for SQL Strict mode


  • Simplified first-install scenario by allowing injection of active account into bare installation


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  • Dual Custody on masks: A new function on the Enterprise Server is the “Change Log” function. Dual Custody and review of Mask Definition Changes and Mask Deployment actions gives more information about the changes that has been made, who made them and who approved them.


  • Fault handling updates: Another update with in the SW release 9.6 is regarding the Fault Handling pages that will display detected fault frequencies in order to support diagnosis further. The Fault Handling now allows for assignment of multiple alarm events in a single operation.


  • Enterprise Server Overview page: The TCM® Enterprise Server has a new overview page including the new design and functions:
    • The background color of the box shows the current most critical alarm state.
    • Devices are shaded when data is delayed
    • The overview has been reprogrammed using AJAX which makes it more responsive
    • New sorting functions have been implemented
    • Indication of site status (Active, Passive or Virtual)
    • Pop-up information details when hovering mouse over devices
    • A ‘Wrench Tool’ and ‘server’ icon is shown if the site has one or more open System Log issues with severity “Fault” or “Emergency” for any of its locations.

  • Jump Host:
    • Overview page: The Jump Host Website Overview is an overview page showing what you have installed on the Jump Host providing an easy overview of the information you have configured.
    • Performance testing: A single TCM® jump host can support access to 10 wind farms with 100 turbines each and 2 TCM® Enterprise Server servers syncing with each site.

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  • Support for “insecure https”: There is a new feature in Ocular in regards to support for “insecure https”. If connected to a server that has an insecure certificate the “Verifying Identity of Server” button must be unchecked.


  • Support for “Integrated 3-stage gearbox”: There is a new component in the machine model in Ocular showing the generator fault frequencies related to the Integrated Planetary Gearbox “IPG”


  • Right-click on graphs: It is now possible to right-click on graphs to bring up the context menu/toolbar which greatly improves usability.


  • Alarm status in measurement tree: The icons in the measurement tree now show current alarm status for the selected turbine. The status is aggregated to higher levels in the tree for easy alarm overview in this view.

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