TCM® Solutions

TCM® Solutions for Turbine Condition Monitoring

Gram & Juhl provides industry-leading CMS solutions for Turbine Condition Monitoring, Gram & Juhl's Turbine Condition Monitoring solution ( TCM®) is used to detect evolving damages in structural or rotating parts in an early state, which can help you to be proactive in your maintenance strategy, with the end result of reduced LCoE.

TCM® will protect your assets well into the future.

Predict, prevent and plan with TCM® Monitoring. Save time and money with scheduled repairs and avoid costly failures.

Diagnostic and data mining platform for measurement, data management, integration and customized algorithms.

Vibration measurement equipment for early failure detection of the main bearing, gearbox, and generator.

Extend turbine lifetime with the TCM® Retrofit Solution. A cost-efficient turnkey solution with customized Retrofit Kits

Analyse vibration data when and where you need.
TCM® Mobile is a complete solution for monitoring and diagnostics