TCM® Test Enterprise

Mitigate risks before deploying to a production environment.

Having a test environment of the TCM® Enterprise Server enables real life testing of software updates. It makes it possible for test teams to execute test cases and verify and validate new software before deployment to the production environment. In other words, it supports test execution on a selection of sites before rolling out the software to the whole fleet.

Why you should have a TCM® Test Enterprise

  • The test environment collects data from a number of designated representative sites selected by you.
  • The TCM® Test Enterprise Server operates in a passive mode and cannot affect the production Enterprise.
  • It provides an efficient and risk-free environment for system verification and validation.
  • Perfect training setup for new employess.
  • Integration with other business applications, e.g. ERP system using the TCM® RESTful interfaces.
  • Updating the Operating System with patches and Security updates.
  • Real life testing of software updates.

Ørsted and the benefits of a TCM® Test Enterprise Server

An actual example demonstrating the success of a TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) Test Enterprise Server.