TCM® Retrofit

TCM® - Keeps Them Turning

Upgrade older turbines to their full potential

 Renew and regain control of your investment with the TCM® Retrofit solution…..

Easy to install

Mounted trough three easy steps.


One system for multiple turbine marks.


Automated analysis and on-line alarms.


Full data access with TCM® Monitoring

TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit

TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit is a cost-effective turnkey solution for your next retrofit project, with customized kits for every major wind turbine brand. Wind turbines can easily be retrofitted, to extend the turbine lifetime and increase uptime.

The TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit solution, can effectively increase the turbine’s annual energy production, and extend the turbine’s lifetime through optimized operation and maintenance. Gram & Juhl’s extensive experience and know-how, covers a massive number of retrofit solutions around the world. Gram & Juhl can easily provide you, with a retrofit solution, that will increase the performance of your wind turbine.

TCM® Retrofit Kit

The TCM® Wind Turbine Retrofit solution kit, features Plug-and-Play installation with minimal downtime. It is a lightweight, easily mountable condition monitoring kit.


Predict, Prevent & Plan with TCM® Monitoring

Add monitoring to your TCM® Retrofit project and save time and money with scheduled repairs and avoid failures. TCM® Monitoring is a predictive and prognostic monitoring service optimizing the daily work for O&M operators.