Klaus Gram-Hansen

CIO – Chief Innovation Officer




Klaus began his technical journey of discovery at the Technical University of Denmark, where he earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1987 followed by his Industrial Ph.D. in Signal Processing in 1990 focussing on signal processing algorithms applicable to non-stationary signals.  His first steps in the career world were taken working for Bruel & Kjær Sound and Vibration where he worked on solutions for automotive applications up until 1994. It was there he could further pursue developing methods for retrieving information from signals captured under highly variable conditions.  From 1994-1997, Klaus worked as an independent consultant in the field of Digital Signal Processing along with co-founder Axel Juhl.  After working as an independent consultant, he co-founded Gram & Juhl in 1997 to develop vibration monitoring solutions specifically for wind applications.  Today, he leads all TCM® innovations and has been responsible for the design and concept of all TCM® software solutions, including the highly sophisticated signal processing algorithms.