Who is Gram & Juhl?

TCM® Condition Monitoring Solution

We are the leading supplier of CMS in the wind industry

Gram & Juhl develops and sells certified innovative solutions for monitoring wind turbines. Gram & Juhl is the leading supplier of CMS in the wind industry, having installed thousands of TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) systems worldwide. Our monitoring and analyzing equipment is installed in the wind turbine and connected to a central data center. The application empowers our customers to protect their assets and plan for optimal maintenance. We have a structured working environment where we use the best technologies for the jobs at-hand while cooperating closely with our customers in the development of our hardware and software. Gram & Juhl is a modern, internationally-oriented company with great growth potential.

About TCM®

Gram & Juhl offers a unique solution that maximizes your wind turbines’ uptime by early failure detection of costly components such as gearboxes, main bearings or generators.

Our turbine condition monitoring system, TCM®, provides you with valuable information on the condition of each of your wind turbines. This information allows you to schedule repairs and maintenance when it suits you, thereby helping to drive down your cost of energy.

Our responsibility


Our Vision ... is to be the world’s leading supplier of condition monitoring products and services.


Our Mission ... is to design, develop, produce and deliver TCM® solutions for the wind turbine


To put customers first We value your input when it comes to our TCM® solution.


Axel Juhl
Axel Juhl
CEO - Chief Executive Officer      
Klaus Gram-Hansen
Klaus Gram-Hansen
CIO - Chief Innovation Officer      
Niels Kjær
Niels Kjær
CTO - Chief Technology Officer      
Sönke Gerhard Herting
Sönke Gerhard Herting
Procurement Manager            
Niels Wollesen Knudsen
Niels Wollesen Knudsen
CSO - Chief Sales Officer / Sales Director  
Zabihullah Alefi
Zabihullah Alefi
COO, Leader Condition Monitoring Division      
Tine Poder
Tine Poder
Senior Manager, HR/ Executive Secretary/ QMS Manager  

European Headquarters

Our History

The Inception

Gram & Juhl was founded in 1997 by Klaus Gram-Hansen and Axel Juhl. It was fate when the two Danes met in 1990 and became roommates in Copenhagen, Denmark.

They shared an interest in signal processing and soon started working on providing signal processing technology for the wind industry.  The beginning was not easy . . .  In 1993, they worked for a year without receiving a single dime.  But, their entrepreneurial spirits pushed them further to accomplish big feats.

In 1997, they began working as consultants, solving complex problems in the field of signal processing in the wind industry.  And by 1999, they had their first TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) system up and running in 22 turbines on the island of Lolland in Denmark.

Growing CMS demand

Klaus and Axel had an edge in the wind industry.  When they identified a need, they solved it. They were constantly pushing themselves to meet the growing demands of the OEMs who were producing different models of turbines with variable speeds.

The OEMs realized that there were many things that happened during the operations of these turbines that were completely out of their control.

That is how Gram & Juhl came to release their first ever M-System, accomplishing what the OEMs thought was impossible . . . the development of a solution using a template-based configuration, so that all turbines regardless of wattage, size, build could be monitored by TCM®.


In the years that followed the installation on Lolland, orders for TCM® came rushing in one after the other.

Gram & Juhl was rewarded for the fruits of its labor in 2010 when Prince Joachim of Denmark awarded the two owners with the Danish Industry’s Initiative Award.  This is awarded to small or medium-sized businesses that have created a basis for growth through initiative and drive. Our dedicated engineers and software developers continue to prove the quality in our products and services.  Gram & Juhl’s presence in the wind industry has not gone unnoticed.  With our representation in Denmark and Germany, and our US division in Colorado, we are strengthening our ranks in becoming a global player in the wind market.