“I am impressed by the quality of the reports produced by the TCM® system. The TCM® system and its capabilities are very impressive.”

Steven Heath, Mechanical Engineer at Ventient Energy

The centralised and scalable TCM® Enterprise solution has enabled us to perform efficient monitoring of the entire fleet, and it facilitates a smooth transition from passive- to active monitoring as our wind parks exit the warranty period.

Jacob Juhl Christensen, Senior Condition Monitoring Analyst Diagnostics

“Pattern Energy sees tremendous value in vibration monitoring technology for long-term O&M strategy, and Gram & Juhl provides proven hardware, software, and monitoring experience. With active vibration monitoring in place, Gram & Juhl is helping us improve our predictive maintenance capabilities. We are encouraged by the results that we are seeing after only 6 months with the system installed.”

Ben Rice, Manager Operations Engineering

“The TCM® system has long ago paid itself back.”

Henrik Stiesdal, Siemens Chief Designer

On TCM® Academy: ”It was possible to talk with other companies; I know that it can be difficult to have the same group of participants every time, but there was good input from Siemens, DONG, and other companies in attendance.’’

Søren Jensen, Maintenance Coordinator, E.ON Wind Services A/S

On TCM® Academy:  ”Relevant information about the services and products of Gram and Juhl. – The sections of the course are wisely divided.’’

Alan Castellano Hernandez, Vibration Analyst, DONG Energy

“It’s good to have TCM® under your wings.”

Christian Korte, Mechanical Engineer (Wind), Meridian Energy Ltd.

“Preventative maintenance via TCM® is a key solution in our service wind scope as it helps to minimize downtime and reduce service costs.”

Merete Hoe, Head of Siemens Diagnostic Centre

On TCM® Academy:  ”Awesome job, very good information and very professional. All team members are very knowledgeable. Thank you.”

Alex Vineyard, Wind Technician, NextEra Energy Resources

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