TCM® Hardware

Turbine Condition Monitoring

The Turbine Condition Monitoring (TCM®) hardware is developed to detect evolving damages in structural or rotating parts in an early stage, preventing severe equipment failures and expensive repairs.

The TCM® solution’s versatile data acquisition and analyzing unit, the TCM® M-System, is placed inside the nacelle of the wind turbine. The TCM® M-System synchronously collects data from a number of connected accelerometers and sensors, and transfers the analyzed information including alarms to the TCM® Site Server and/or the wind turbine controller.

Equipping Your Turbines with TCM®

Wind turbine condition monitoring unit

TCM® M-System Mark II

The versatile data acquisition and analyzing unit for your turbine condition monitoring.

Wind turbine retrofit unit

TCM® M-System Mi

A compact, lightweight, easily mountable data processing unit perfect for retrofitting wind turbines.

TCM® M-Sensors

Intelligent sensors with built-in digital signal analysis for added safety protection for your turbines.

Turbine condition monitoring solution

TCM® Mobile Solution

Complete portable solution for monitoring and diagnostics of turbine health.

TCM® Accelerometers

Ultra-sensitive accelerometers for vital locations in the turbine’s drive train.

TCM® Spare Parts

We deliver all spare parts for your TCM® Condition Monitoring.