People are without a question, always the most valuable assets in our organization. It takes a person to create a vision and people to execute on that vision. That is why we at Gram & Juhl embrace learning and growth  and develop our people to be the best they can be.

To put customers first

We value your input when it comes to our TCM® solution. That is why at Gram & Juhl we use KANBAN, a Japanese development methodology.  Specify, Develop, Release, and Validate. You specify your needs within TCM®, we develop them, and release the finished product to you, where you validate that the product/software does what you’ve requested.  It’s that simple.

To be fair

We stand by our promise to provide you with products and services of the highest quality.

To be equal

In the Scandinavian business culture, we treat each other as equals. This means that everybody counts in our organization. We have open communication and take advantage of individual ideas and contributions so that Gram & Juhl continues to prosper. Because we treat each other as equals at Gram & Juhl, our employees are constantly growing professionally, allowing them to exchange ideas, take accountability for their actions on an individual level, and ultimately being the best they can be.

To exceed our customers’ expectations

We adhere to stringent compliancies such as Germanischer Lloyd, UL and RoHS. Whilst being committed to providing high standards, we are also committed to forming lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, fellow employees and our communities.

To use best available technologies

Before a new turbine design is released, we are already thinking about the next challenges we will face in the monitoring world.  The world and the machines in it are ever-changing.  That is why we strive to make a condition monitoring solution that meets your needs – for the smallest turbine or the largest offshore turbine.