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TCM® Software Release 9.4.2 is Available for Deployment The latest version of TCM® Site Server and TCM® Enterprise software is version 9.4.2. One of the main updates in this release is that now you can not only upload Python as a script, but also add operational values. You can form the sum of power signals from two different sources – or simply make a custom calculation (linear or non-linear transform of an already measured value). In addition to the parameter we have, we will have the parameter from the Python sum as well, meaning that you can use Python parameters for binning. The new software release also makes it possible to rename turbines, giving them different display names within the user interface.
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Condition Monitoring trough Big Data Analytics Based on historical data, key figures on performance, reliability, and efficiency it is possible for data analysts to investigate and interpret the condition of the wind turbine.
Article: How do you make money with CMS? 2016 The availability and the consequent O&M costs of wind farms are influenced by the failure and downtime of wind turbine components.
Gram-Juhl nomineret til årets praktiksted 2016
Don’t be intimitated by vibration monitoring! Read Jeff Walkup’s article, ”Condition Monitoring: Vibration Analysis Should Not Be Intimidating” and understand the inherent value in vibration-based monitoring and how its built-in automation makes it easy for operators to use.
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