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TCM® Academy Monitoring Training in Hamburg
Join us for our 2-day course for monitoring professionals in Hamburg, Germany on Wednesday and Thursday, June 1st-June 2nd 2016. Cross-compare turbines in 3-D plots with TCM® Ocular, our powerful diagnostic software, and handle critical faults in our Enterprise software.

See what Academy participants are saying at our past Academy Monitoring event: TCM® Academy Monitoring in Hamburg. Contact moc.l1448792860hujma1448792860rg@se1448792860las1448792860 to register before the 11th of April 2016!

Technical UpdatesIde

TCM® Software Release 8.4.1 is Available for Deployment
Want to learn how to color code your turbines or measurements when making cross-site comparisons in TCM® Ocular? Interested in upgrading your Windows Server to 2012, or utilizing the TCM® Modbus TCP communication protocol for retrieval of turbine data? Find out how . . . 

If you are a TCM® Site Server/Enterprise Server software subscriber, please contact moc.l1448792860hujma1448792860rg@se1448792860las1448792860 when you are ready for us to deploy this release.  If you are not a TCM® software subscriber and would like to learn about how you can get the latest TCM® software updates, contact moc.l1448792860hujma1448792860rg@se1448792860las1448792860.

News Udraabstegn

Gram & Juhl is hiring in Denmark and the U.S.!
Gram & Juhl A/S is hiring in Denmark. If you are a match for any of the following positions or know someone who is – please spread the word or apply: Leader for our Engineering and Support Department, Software Developer and Office Assistant.

Gram & Juhl, Inc. is seeking a U.S. Office Administrator and US Technical Sales Engineer to help support our Colorado-based Vice President of Sales and Senior Sales Manager. Do you have what it takes? Apply now.

TCM® Retrofit & Monitoring package for low fixed monthly rate
If the only thing holding you back from retrofitting your turbines with condition monitoring is €£$, think again.  Gram & Juhl has made it easy for customers of all financial backgrounds to maximize output of their aging turbines. For those interested in retrofitting their turbines and/or utilizing our cost-effective monitoring service for a low monthly fee, contact moc.l1448792860hujma1448792860rg@se1448792860las1448792860 today.  Download our TCM® Retrofit & Monitoring service description for more information.

Gram & Juhl is expanding! More info. to come . . .